Room 9

Room 9  Trias - new design for room for New Media!

Trias is a centre for arts. In here, children and youngsters can be taught music, dance, theatre, fine arts ánd new media!

The new design for this classroom makes it multifunctional. It can be used as classroom for the lessons New Media, and it can be used as flexible workplace for the teachers of Trias.

When in this room, you feel like being a part of a huge computer. The interior feels like a digital surrounding with extra focus for the ambiance, with both functional ánd decorative acoustic ceiling panels. The colours chosen for this interior can be found in the new house style of Trias and the wall is filled with a grafic mural that looks like a circuit board.

Client: Stichting Trias, Rijswijk
Design: Jessica de Graaf and Moniek Bijl
Jess Interieurarchitectuur & Studio Flamingo
Date of completion: august 2012