STUDIO FLAMINGO Interior architecture and Fine Arts is the design studio of Moniek Bijl. She went to the Willem de Kooning Academie in Rotterdam to study Interior Architecture and graduated in 2011. During her education she worked on different projects, from furniture to object to complete interior, even a few designs for outdoor areas were created. During her internship the emphasis was on exhibition design. She cooperated on projects for several museums from Rotterdam to Lelystad.

Apart from interior architecture, Moniek creates fine arts. After, and also during, her education, she experimented with different drawing and painting materials. She has developed a preference for spray paint.

Working with spray paint is mostly done in combination with stencils. With these Moniek makes designs for canvasses and walls. There are several walls covered with these designs nowadays and they show an original version of stencil art. This way of using spray paint and stencils is used in workshops as well! In 2014 she went back to school to become a teacher in fine arts and design. She graduated after two years of study and internships.

These days Moniek is working as a workshop teacher digital media in Rotterdam and stencil graffiti throughout the Netherlands. And of course she keeps on making work of her own. Several of her projects have been displayed at exhibitions, an overview of all her projects can be found on this website!