Christmascards 2014

New Christmascards are available!

The series of 2014 consists of five unique designs, folded cards.
Each set is €9,95, three sets for €25.00! (excl delivery)

The designs are base on paintings of famous artists:
Albrecht Dürer, Gover Flinck, Pablo Picasso, Rembrandt van Rijn and Jan Steen

Designs are made by use of stencils and spraypaint.
Background is mady with spraypaint with use of branches and leaves

Winters Tafereel by Jan Steen


Zwei Eichhörnchen by Albrecht Dürer
Aankondiging aan de Herders by Govert Flinck
Pitcher, Candle and Casserole by Pablo Picasso
De Vlucht naar Egypte by Rembrandt van Rijn