Challenge Spray of the Day!

This project was born out of frustration about the lockdown and all the cancelled work caused by the pandemic. I challenged myself to go outside and spray paint somewhere on a daily base during the month February. In the mornings I started my day watching the news, chose a topic that appealed to me and designed my stencil. I printed and cut it and went outside to spray paint it on the graffiti wall in the park. I ended the month by creating a huge self portrait which was to be seen for weeks!

List of subjects in choronological order:

Day 1 - Aung San Suu Kyi of Myanmar was arrested by the military
Day 2 - A nine-year-old girl in America got arrested and pepper sprayed by the police
Day 3 - Navalny was sent to prison because he didn’t show up at his trial in court. Sidenote.. I couldn’t show because he was in the hospital after being poisoned.
Day 4 - There has been a mysterious woman calling Eurojust on behalf of the royal family, asking questions about Julio Poch. Who was this woman?
Day 5 - Jansen and Janssen take off with the Johnson&Johnson - Jansen vaccin
Day 6 - How much longer Yemen? Day 7 - The snowflakes of weather lady Helga van Leur
Day 8 - More questions are asked about the adoption of children from abroad. Three flight attendants holding adopted babies (design by photo of 1972)
Day 9 - My work on the wall was ruined by a graffiti writer who did not like my project.. this was my answer today.
Day 10 - The search of female astronauts.
Day 11 - The political ‚Party for the Animals’ is suing the state for the way they deal with voting by mail for the upcoming elections. We see Lady Justice with parrot and her four-legged friend.
Day 12 - Cyber attacks were noticed, coming from Russia and China.
Day 13 - A visit from Jafar
Day 14 - Valentine’s Day and having winter fun with the boys. Walking in the snowy Kralingse Bos and trying the ice on the frozen Kralingse Plas.
Day 15 - Toilet brush protest in Russia, started by the gossip around Putins house with the golden toilet.
Day 16 -  Chief Mouser to the Cabinet, resident of Downing Street 10, lives in the house for 10 years today!
Day 17 - Spanish artist Pablo Hásel was arrested after hiding in the Barcelona University some time.
Day 18 - Shortage of housing! They start building in the Dutch green areas to solve this problem.
Day 19 - Beached turtles in South Prade. Day 20 - Minister Wopke Hoekstra breaking the covid rules.
Day 21 - New born baby in the family! Day 22 - Hairdressers can re-open their shops! Edward Scissorhands, the hairdresser of all hairdressers!
Day 23 - Police on skates in Karachi, Pakistan
Day 24 - Slave labor among migrant workers building the new stadium in Qatar
Day 25 - Heavy images showing the work of the executioner of Assad
Day 26 - Item about genocide against Uyghurs
Day 27 - Reporter Gerri Eickhof, with his famous Russian trooper / snow beany, reporting in front of crowded terrace
Day 28 - Finishing the challenge with a giant colorful self portrait